Our Products
Fender System

Rubtech™ Rubber Fenders are designed to prevent boats/ships and the dock from being damaged during the mooring/berthing process.

Our Products
Rubber Wall Guards

Rubber Wall Guards provide visible caution for drivers and help in protecting the walls and pillars from damages and marks from collision.

Our Products
Rubber Speed Humps

Rubber Speed Humps are designed to reduce the speed of the vehicle and improve safety as they are impact resistant and cost effective.

Our Products
Rubtech™ EPDM Profile System

Rubtech™ EPDM Building Profiles are used in Building construction industries for Aluminum frames of Doors and windows-Sliding/Hinged type.

Our Products
Extruded & Moulded Products

Rubtech™ Anti Vibration Mounting Pads, Waffle Pads, Ribbed, Cork and Metal Sandwich Pads to control mechanical vibrations.

Our Products
Bridge Bearing & Expansion Joints

Rubtech™ bridge bearing consists of multilayer rubber and thin steel sheet used on bridges and similar structures.

Rubtech™ is the manufacturing division of the Hira Industries LLC.

which was established in 2003, with the state-of-the-art rubber plant in its range to cater to the markets demand for molded and extruded rubber products. Rubtech™ brand of rubber products are made to the customer’s specification for the industrial, marine and construction industries.

At Hira Industries LLC our mission is to be a full-line designer, producer, and supplier of all your customized rubber requirements.