Anti Vibration Pads

Anti Vibration Mounting Pads

Rubtech specializes in the manufacturing of different types of anti-vibration mounting pads,

Ribbed Mounting Pad

  • Alternate High Low Ribbed Construction.
  • Easy to Cut Pads can be cut to be slightly larger than the size of the leg or machine, using shears or knife.
  • Easy Field Installation
  • Multiple layers of Ribbed Mounting Pad can be used to increase deflection.

Cork Sandwich Pad

  • Cork sandwich Pads are laminated pads having 1/2″ thick close grained cork securely bonded between two layers of1/4″ alternate low high ribbed Neoprene rubber pads.
  • Offers highest level of sound attenuation and vibration isolation.
  • No need for bolting
  • Easy Field Installation

Metal Sandwich Pad

  • Metal Sandwich Pads are constructed of a steel plate bonded between Ribbed Anti Vibration Pads.
  • Designed for very high load capacity.

Waffle Pads

  • Designed with in built suction cups.
  • Easy Cut design without tools allows job site flexibility.
  • No need for bolting.
  • Easy Field Installation.


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